Bread Pudding French Toast

Brioche French Toast, served with house made cookie butter syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries.


Full Belgian Breakfast

 2 Bratwurst sausages & apple mustard toasted Brioche with 2 soft eggs, pomme frites & mixed greens, dressed with our champagne vinaigrette.


The BBB (Breakfast Brioche Bun)

2 eggs, rosemary ham, havarti cheese, arugula & d’Espelette aioli,


German Eggs on Brioche (kind of like eggs Benny)

2 soft eggs, grilled brioche, rosemary ham, creamy mustard dill sauce, pomme frites & mixed greens dressed in champagne vinaigrette 


So Cal Pappas

Our forked & fried ‘taters covered in Salsa Verde, feta cheese, and cilantro

Add an egg $2


Smoked Salmon Tartine

Grilled marble rye, smoked salmon, spring onion creamed cheese, blistered cherry tomatoes & Persian cucumbers


Steak and Eggs

8 ounce prime Flat Irion Steak topped with bacon butter, 2 sunny eggs, pomme frites, and a mixed green salad dressed in our champagne vinaigrette


BLT Salad

Little gems & mixed greens, dressed with our buttermilk dill with Niman Ranch bacon, blistered cherry tomatoes and morning made, d’Espelette salt potato chips


Breakfast Gravy Frites (our version of biscuits & gravy)

Bowl of our pomme frites topped with French sausage white gravy. Topped with scallions & pickled Fresno chilies

* Add an egg $2


Forked and Fried 'Taters

Weiser Family Farms gold potatoes & herbs

* Add an egg $2


The Monks Bowl

Organic Farro, grilled vegetables, agrodolce peppers, kale chips, and herb aioli vinaigrette.

* Add an egg $2



All burgers are 6 ounce dry aged, served on Brioche bun, with a mixed green salad dressed in our signature honey mustard vinaigrette

*Sub a 6oz turkey patty – Additional $2

The Back Abbey

Aged gouda, mustard aioli, caramelized onion, Niman Ranch bacon & micro greens


Back Yard

Green leaf lettuce, red onion, roma tomatoes, pickles & aged white cheddar with a side of red remy


Spring Breaker

Spicy pineapple mango chutney made with Kwak Belgian Ale, pickled cucumber, pepper jack cheese, and AVO aioli



All sandwiches are served with a mixed green salad dressed in our signature honey mustard vinaigrette

The Tenderloin

Grilled beef tenderloin, caramelized onions & St. Agur Crème Fraiche, on a toasted French Roll


Spicy Chicken Schnitzel

Panko breaded, d’Espelette aioli, green leaf lettuce & pickled Fresno chilies, on a Brioche Bun!

* Also available as grilled chicken


The Grilled Garden

Grilled portobello mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, feta cheese, agrodolce peppers & herb aioli, on a Brioche bun.

* Vegan option is served a toasted French Roll with no Feta


Pommes Frites

Fresh cut Kennebec potatoes double fried with duck fat, served with a side of& Heinz ketchup and our signature sauces,Horseradish Chive, Remoulade

Half Cone $7.50 | Full Cone $9.50

Sweet Treats

French Doughnuts

Made fresh to order with Belgian Chocolate, Confectioner’s Sugar, and mixed berries

Extra Extra

Lump Crab Fritters


Soft Bavarian Pretzel


3 Slices Niman Ranch Bacon


1 Bratwurst Sausage


1 Dark Yolk Egg


Brunch Drinks

Strawberry Feels (Mocktail)

Fresh Muddled Cucumber and Mint+ Liquid Alchemist Strawberry + Elderflower Soda+ Lime + Topo Chico



Your choice of juice juice with our house sparkling wine.

OJ                              Cranberry Juice

Pineapple                   Grapefruit

Apple Cider                Pomegranate


Mulled Wine

Red wine, with citrus, spice, and everything nice

Served Warm*


Chocolate Espresso Martini

Mary White Vodka + Borghette Espresso Liqueur+Triple Sec+ Orgeat+ Chocolate Bitters, Cream


Bloody Mary

House Made Bloody Mary Mix + lime + Mary White Vodka.



Bavik+ House Made Mix+ Tajín rim+ lime.



St. Bernardus Tokoyo Wit + Orange Juice 


Boozy Coffee

Fresh brewed Coffee with a shot of your choice 

Irish Whiskey $15

Chocolate Liqueur $13

Salted Caramel Liqueur $13

Grand Marnier $13

Espresso Liqueur $12

Hazelnut Liqueur $12

Wake Up Slow

Hudson Short Stack Rye, banana liqueur, maple syrup, lemon, black walnut bitters


Back Abbey Shandy

Bavik Belgian Lager+High West Bourbon +Lemon Juice + Simple Syrup


Belgian Sangria

Lindemans Peach Lambic High West Bourbon+Topo Chico


Ramblin Irish Man

Glebdalough Irish Whiskey+Cold Brew Coffee+ Espresso Liqueur+ Amaro+ Chocolate Bitters


Aperol Spritz

Aperol + Prosecco + Topo Chico


The Bees Knees

Barr Hill Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Barr Hill Honey, 


Bouvet Signature Brut Sparkling

Glass - $11 | Bottle - $40

Varichon & Clerc Sparkling Rose

Glass - $12 | Bottle - $45

Jacquart Mosaique Brut Champagne, France

Bottle - $60