´╗┐Voortrust, a Belgian Saison

The Back Abbey launches its first signature hand crafted beer from Belgium. It has been two years of collaboration with Belgian brew master Bruno Van den Bossche and now it is HERE!

You won't find this beer in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle or Belgium for that matter - The Back Abbey and Union on Yale are the only two places on the planet to serve Voortrust a Belgian Saison.

Voortrust means, "For trust" and this trusted partnership began shortly after the Back Abbey opened in June of 2008. How did Back Abbey find the family owned and operated Van den Bossche Brewery in the first place? Patrons agree; The Back Abbey pours the most Buffalo Belgian Stout in the United States.

John J Solana and Erik Johnson took a trip to Belgium to meet the Van den Bossche family and tour the 100-year-old brewery. Buffalo Stout is a family affair - the entire operation is run by family members, four to be exact (Mom, Dad & 2 Sons). John and Erik were welcomed to the family fold; a special relationship with the Van den Bossches began.

Not too long after, there was a second trip to Belgium and the brilliant question arose, "Wouldn't it be cool if Bruno could make a beer just for us?" Thus, Voortrust a Belgian Saison was born - with the direction of John J Solana, fine tuning and overcoming some bureaucratic red tape.

Voortrust a Belgian Saison launched on August 8, 2012. It is the exclusive brand and brew of the Back Abbey and Union on Yale. No other establishment will ever serve this Saison.


Style: Belgian Saison
ABV: 7%
Description: Light Floral, Creamy Mouth Feel, Medium Acid, Dry Light Belgian Hoppy Finish