Do you take reservations?

Sorry, we do not.

Can I order food to go?

No, our food is to be enjoyed once its plated. 

Why didn't anyone answer the phone?

Because we never plugged one in.

Why aren't you open on Sundays?

We chose Sunday as a day of rest for our staff to be with their families.

Can I bring an under-aged guest, kid friendly?

All ages are welcome.

What time do you close?

Varies day to day, but never before 10:30 pm during the week and 11:30 on weekends. 

Do you sell your glassware?

Sorry, we do not.

Can I host a private party?

Yes we can (Sundays only). Please contact us for details.

Do you have televisions?

We have two small TV's at the bar.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, we have free Wi-Fi upon request. 

Do you allow dogs on the patio?

Yes, but please bring your own water bowl.

Do you offer substitutions?

We respectfully decline any substitutions to the menu.

Can I get a job at The Back Abbey?

We are always accepting resumes, we only ask that you bring yours in person.